This is an opportunity for solid ongoing profits from a 1/20th share in an established ethical timber harvesting company.

Vanuatu Sustainable Timber primarily harvests and exports “Vanuatu Rosewood,” an introduced species that the locals would like to have controlled, as it interferes with the native rainforest.  VST have developed “surgical felling” techniques to selectively removed these mature “weed” trees that have a very high market value (e.g. US$7,000/cubic metre). Not only is this an extremely desirable timber for many applications (see below), but it is no longer permitted to be logged from the rainforests in its native Central/South America.

Frank our foreman, with shipment of timber for an international hotel project

Some Typical Uses for Vanuatu Rosewood (also called Cordia and Bocote)…
Cabinetmaking, musical instruments, Joinery, Turnings, Balusters, Bedroom suites, Chairs, Chests, Desks, Dowels, Drawer sides, Excelsior, Figured veneer, Flooring, Furniture components, Furniture squares or stock, Interior construction, Kitchen cabinets, Moldings, Office furniture, Parquet flooring, veneer, TV cabinets, Rustic furniture, Stairs, Stools, Tables, Trim, Utility furniture, Wardrobes

Republic of Vanuatu capital – Port Vila

Presented by Vanuatu Sustainable Timber Limited

A small number of 1/20th shares are available at US$55,000 each.

A Republic of Vanuatu registered company. #28911
Postal address: P.O. Box 1064, Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu

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