If this is your first contact with us, start with our Principal, Richard Butler (number on this page), who will either look after you himself, or he will arrange for one of our team members closer to you or more suited as to language to talk with you.

Richard ButlerRICHARD BUTLER – Sydney, Australia

Project Manager.  Richard is a resort property development specialist with over 35 years real estate experience in the South Pacific islands and Australia.  His expertise is used for concept theme and planning approvals, construction & project management and off plan selling as well as resort management and resort marketing, media placement, source funding and introducing investors.  From May 2012 to May 2015 he was  appointed for a 3-year term  as a Trade Commissioner to promote investment for large tourist resorts and infrastructure into the Republic of Vanuatu.  In April 2017 Richard was reappointed as Trade Commissioner for a further three years.

Stanley Alick – Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Accounts and Business Services. Stanley’s background as the principal of Melanesian Business Estate and Consultant Service makes him an ideal addition to the team, and as a director of MWREL. His experience with creating bank accounts and ongoing “hands-off” company management, are valuable skills that our MWREL clients enjoy.

Connie NgConnie Ng – Canberra, Australia.

Vanuatu Immigration Consultant.  Connie has a Graduate Certificate in Applied Economics & Finance with the Financial Institute of Australasia (FINSIA). She has a double Bachelor Degree in Commerce (Accounting) and Asian Studies (Chinese) with the prestigious Australian National University and graduated as a Golden Key Member (being the top 15% in academic ranking of her peers) where she was invited into the honours programme with both the Commerce and Asian Studies faculties.

For 3 years Connie  fulfilled the role as Trade Assistant for the Trade Commissioner of Vanuatu to Queensland, as well as being a Director of Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate.  She is bilingual in both English and Mandarin and has some conversational understanding of a few Chinese dialects such as Cantonese, Hainanese, Hokkien and Teochew.

Justin_NgweleJustin Ngwele – Port Vila, Vanuatu

Lawyer. Justin was a former Senior State Counsel at the State Law office from 2006 to 2012. He subsequently established his own firm where he is currently the managing partner for Indigene Lawyers. Justin is appointed by the Vanuatu government as a Designated Agent for the Development Support Program and is a close business affiliate to MWREL. Some of his major clients include Digicel, Port Vila Municipal Council, Ifira Group of Companies Ltd and South Pacific Plantations Ltd.

Christina_SuzieChristina Thyna – Port Vila, Vanuatu

Lawyer.  Christina has Law Degrees from University of the South Pacific and University of Moncton, Canada.  Her qualifications also include a Professional Diploma in Legal Practice, from University of the South Pacific; Certificate in Multi-Droit, La Common Law des Affaires, University of Jean Moulin, France; as well as a Masters in International Trade with the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

She is trilingual and handles legal documents in English, French, Bislama.  Her position as the Sole partnership in CornerStone Lawyers, Barristers and Solicitors, Port Vila, makes her a vital part of your team.

Randy Mitchell – Oklahoma City, USA.

Customer Service Manager, North America. Randy has a BS Degree in Accounting and spent many years in various financial and accounting positions.

Randy retired from the corporate life in 2014 and set his sights on relocation to Paradise. He owns property in Vanuatu, and is actively working toward family relocation and life as an ExPat. Randy enjoys water sports, especially kayaking & rafting, camping, travelling, experiencing new cultures, and of course the beaches of Vanuatu.

Daniel Butler – Brisbane, Australia

Finance.  Daniel is a finance and insurance broker who specialises in asset finance for everything from cars, motorbikes, boats and caravans to small aeroplanes and property.  Daniel handles the finance side of things for clients interested in investing in Vanuatu and offers a low stress, quick and easy solution to your finance needs.


NZfernKaren Gundersen – Hamilton, New Zealand

Customer Service Manager, New Zealand.  An investor in several properties in Vanuatu, Karen has recently returned from Northern Australia to New Zealand.

Karen is a very committed investor herself, and has set up her adult children in residential real estate investing.  With a background in many direct marketing ventures and owner-manager of businesses including a timber harvesting company in the central North Island of New Zealand, Karen is well-placed as she expands our Affiliate Referral Programme in the land of the long white cloud.

Rebecca Kent – Brisbane, Australia.

Public Relations Executive/Office Manager, Adelaide.  Rebecca is an experienced Resort General Manager, Office Manager, Book Keeper and Logistics Specialist with a strong background in Customer Service.

Rebecca is an expat of Vanuatu who provides Logistic Services to Vanuatu.  Due to family health reasons Rebecca has relocated to Adelaide and now Brisbane, Australia and is currently a Manager in our Brisbane Office.  Rebecca lived in Vanuatu for many years and is well versed in Vanuatu business policies and procedures.

Alan Cairns – Brisbane, Australia

Timber Project Manager – Sales and Distribution, S.A.  Alan has a Postgraduate Degree in International Hotel and Resort Business Management through St Lucia University, Queensland.  He is a qualified Chef and qualified Commercial Diver with an array of experience in Sales and Marketing.

Alan is an expat of Vanuatu who provides Logistic Services to Vanuatu. Due to family health reasons Alan has relocated to Adelaide and now Brisbane, Australia and is currently Business Development Manager in our Brisbane Office. One of Alan’s great loves in life is scuba diving, and having lived in Vanuatu for many years he is privy to some of the best diving spots.

Seth Butcher – London, United Kingdom

Customer Service Manager, United Kingdom.  Seth has helped fund and manage large property projects with values of well over US$100 million in Dubai, Thailand, Holland, USA, ,Romania, Hong Kong and the UK and has been to property exhibitions all over the world meeting clients face to face over the past 15 years.  Seth has extensive experience with all types of investments through the many companies he has run over the past 15 years he is now working through his company Sustainable Investment Consultancy Ltd where he is concentrating on impact and sustainable investments.  Seth is also a BACP registered Psychotherapist, AMMET accredited EFT practitioner, and mindfulness meditation teacher.

 Sanjay-KalraSanjay Kalra – New Delhi, India

MWREL Legal Advisor for India – Mr. Sanjay Kalra is the Managing Chairman of Sanjay Kalra & Associates and he is heading his law firm in india. He is also a Speaker on various forums in the World .He was born and raised in India where he completed his post secondary and legal education. His years of legal experience and knowledge are an asset to any clientele’s. His experience includes Immigration ,Real Estate , Investments , Corporate ( M&A) between India and the World.
SANJAY KALRA & Associates is one of the fastest growing law firms in New Delhi, India, with a high profile team of fourteen professionals who render comprehensive legal services to overseas investors and multinational corporations involved in manufacturing, trading operations or financial services and numerous Public and Private Sector Undertakings and Corporates, etc., in India.

Arnie_HuntAdeline Hunt – Port Vila, Vanuatu

Design Consultant. Adeline’s experience in the Fashion and Interior Design world complement her skills as an artist, bringing a refreshing tropical touch to the table when selecting decor and layout for many projects. Adeline is also Editorial Assistant for some of MWREL’s related blogs.


 lance_huntLance Hunt –  Port Vila, Vanuatu

Sales, I.T. and Vanuatu Liaison. Lance manages the communications and technology support, websites,  and much of the online marketing for MWREL.  He has a background in sales, manufacturing, real estate, finance… and I.T.


You can apply to JOIN THE TEAM as an affiliate or a conjunction agent.


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