We accept a relatively small number of motivated ethical people as affiliates.  You need to be the type of person who wants to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  And have a background in sales or the wealth creation industries or customer service.

An MWREL affiliate working under our Vanuatu Independent Agency System  does not have to be a real estate agent.  You can be working in any wealth-creation or migration field where you have clients who may be wanting offshore investments or residency/2nd passport… in an income-tax-free country!


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If accepted as an affiliate you receive full training in product knowledge, plus OPTIONAL  targeted marketing assistance in your geographical location within your area of expertise (which you pay for).  You receive a referral fee with complete disclosure to your client when referring clients who buy our products.  If desired this can be a full-time income, and you can be anywhere in the world.  In fact you can bring clients on cruises and fly-in visits and get a paid vacation for yourself into the bargain!

The best thing for you  to do now is to contact us to move forward. You can use the form below.

We also welcome qualified licensed Real Estate Agents who wish to work on outright and conjunction sales.  Please apply using the form below.

Walk on Champagne Beach with your clients!Walk on Vanuatu’s Champagne Beach with your clients!

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