By staff writer Adrian Hunter

The Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) has released a new video that is designed to attract the interest of potential tourist visitors to Vanuatu. It will be used to reawaken the Australian and New Zealand market to the wonders of this 83-island nation on their doorstep.

Although tourist numbers obviously took a hit after Cyclone Pam, the government is working hard – and especially through the VTO headed up by tourism industry veteran Ms Linda Kalpoi – to not only restore but exceed previous visitor numbers as soon as possible.

This view augers well for investors in the tourism sector which is said to provide over 50% of income to this paradise island country. In fact this strong initiative will benefit virtually all businesses based in Vanuatu. Visitors by air tend to stay longer in Vanuatu than other holiday destinations, and historically the weight of demographics is towards the age bracket that spends more.

We wish the VTO well using this video in it’s campaign.