Vanuatu's first locally made sanitizer launched

Richard Butler | Exclusive By Charles Hakwa of Daily Post | April 4th, 2020

As the outbreak of COVID-19 makes everyone around the world conscious of hygiene practices, hand sanitizers seem to be the main thing on people’s minds as they do their shopping.

Many shops in the country have run out of sanitizers and others seem to be running low on stock. However, in reply to the high demand, Lesley Batty, Managing Director of The Summit Health and Body Shop has come to announce that they have developed a hand rub and sanitizer.

Mrs Batty says this new product conforms to the formula approved by the World Health Organization, and is made mostly from local ingredients which they could find in their own factory. Mrs Batty says this new product contains 83% alcohol, their wonderful sandalwood soap which provides glycerol and sandalwood water to soften your hands, and hydrogen peroxide.

Vanuatu's first locally made sanitizer launched

Mrs Batty says they could not use alcohol at first, however the Craft which owns Tusker, kindly sold it to them at a cheap price on the condition that the final product be sold as cheaply as possible for everyone to afford.

Mrs Batty says their new product comes in three sizes, which are; 60ml dispenser for VT400, 150ml for VT750 dispenser and 600ml refill for the smaller bottles for VT1,500.

Mrs Batty says the product is available at The Summit Health & Body Shop at the Tanna Coffee Factory which is next door to Sama Sama Store on Mele Road.