Study shows, three thousand years ago, Pacific men appear to have had a richer diet than women.vanuatu_study_blue_hole_182A_Sand_CMYK_300x200vanuatu_study_blue_hole_324A_Sand_CMYK_300x200vanuatu_study_kids_074_Sand_CMYK_300x200vanuatu_study_markets_419AA_Sand_CMYK_300x200vanuatu_study_markets_584A_Sand_CMYK_300x200Did Pacific men eat better than women 3,000 years ago? (Credit: ABC)

That’s one of the findings of a study of ancient skeletons from the Lapita pottery era inVanuatu. Dr Rebecca Kinaston from Otago University in New Zealand led the research, using a technique called stable isotope analysis to study bones and discover what sort of food people ate. She says it seems that the early settlers of Melanesia tended to eat what was already available on the islands, rather than plant food crops.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Dr Rebecca Kinaston, New Zealand’s Otago University

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