Moana Carcasses Kalosil the new prime minister of Vanuatu spelled vanuatu-port-villaout a 68-point plan for his first 100 days in the office.Though Vanuatu is well known for political instabilities, he is confident of fulfilling his plans with the support of Vanua’aku Pati as well as UMP.

What are some of this plans that would be of advantage to new investors?

Vanuatu’s new government is a “Government of action”

Satisfying the people first is important to Moana Carcasses Kalosil, the new prime minister of Vanuatu. So far Prime Minister Kalosil has invited to sola, the capital of the Toba Province. There he met some who have a limited access to funds. Donors were also presented a list of projects that needed funding. With the help of these donors, potential investors can be attracted with this support and in turn, establishing themselves in Vanuatu


The experience he holds on different sectors can be an advantage to those areas as well as others that he will work on. He has worked  Vanuatu as foreign affairs minister, minister of finance and internal affairs, and finance as well.

Achievable policies

Moana carcasses kalosil the new prime minister of Vanuatu has put in place a policies that helps everyone be part of economic development. According to him many countries have a problem of economic burden because the young are not happy and he would not like the same for his country. This factor is an advantage which will benefit investors as well as other all residents of Vanuatu.

With the assistance of the new speaker of parliament Prime Minister Moana carcasses kalosil of Vanuatu plans to put more finance minister in the committee of parliament to boost their morale to work towards a self sustained Vanuatu. This is mainly because when they are busy working in parliament they will have no time to waste thinking of changing the government. The people can then benefit from their government hence also work together with the goal of developing their economy. It will be such a golden opportunity for investors.

The momentum that Kalosilhas, has left the people of Vanuatu hoping for many positive changes in their economic growth.

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