Vanuatu’s Tourism is more important in the  economy than in any other Pacific Island Country

Posted on Vanuatu daily post September 9, 2013

Minister for Tourism, Commerce and Industry Toara Daniel launched the Vanuatu Strategic Tourism Stakeholders’ Forum to hatch the Strategic Action Plan at the Holiday Inn yesterday.

New Zealand High Commissioner to Vanuatu, Bill Dobbie, said the New Zealand Government is pleased to support Vanuatu in developing this Strategic Tourism Action Plan.

He said, “I understand that the purpose of this Strategic Tourism Action Plan is to form an agreed, strategic and coordinated approach to the development of a sustainable tourism sector. So that we can increase investment, income and the spread of sustainable tourism benefits throughout Vanuatu.

“It is important that this Strategic Action Plan reflects your views, and is owned by you. It’s important that it is put to good use and doesn’t end up gathering dust on a shelf”.
He said it is also important because the Strategic Action Plan will guide the Vanuatu Government, the private sector, and development partners such as New Zealand, for the next five years. It will guide the decisions that they make about their support for, and their investment in, the tourism sector in Vanuatu. “So it’s important to get it right. And I appreciate the effort that you are making to ensure this”, he said.

High Commissioner Dobbie said New Zealand is supporting the project because tourism is so important to Vanuatu’s economic future. “Tourism accounts for the direct employment of over 11,000 people. Tourism is more important o Vanuatu’s economy than in any other Pacific Island Country”, he said.

“So tourism matters. And that’s why tourism has become a high priority for the New Zealand Aid Program in Vanuatu. Because Vanuatu matters to New Zealand”.
The Plan is expected to be completed next month.