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* Richard’s broadcast show with Andreas – tropical agricultural expert specialising in the produce of Vanuatu
* Richard advises of a limited investment opening in the fast-growing Vanuatuan agricultural sector with both ethical and cultural advantages

Vanuatu is celebrating 34 years of independence this week. I speak of tells us how western and Asian governments along with major companies are funneling their resources into Vanuatu since the country’s acceptance into the World Trade Organization.

Also on this week’s show, Andreas is back to speak about some of his many exports from the Republic of Vanuatu.

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Plus, I get to chime in about the healthy export, papaya, and how you too can invest for large gains which may lead, possibly, to residency.  Prices start from $11,950


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Richard Butler

p.s. The importance of “Organic” certification, and “lotions & potions” mentioned in this week’s broadcast.

p.p.s. Some won’t want to miss the story of me skinny-dipping on this week’s show!

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