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Richard Butler - Project<br /><br /><br /><br /> Manager

*  Terrigal waterfront Real Estate with Shaun Hudson-Smith
*  From vine to glass with wineologist Dan Traucki

  Vanuatu – controlled roar of progress
Just “up the road a bit” from Sydney – quicker than ever now – is the gorgeous area of Terrigal, with spectacular water vistas – both to the sea and the lake.  Ray White agent Shaun Hudson-Smith knows the area well, and explains how he has gone from the sports life to the high life.
terrigal-lake.jpgLast week’s show with Dan Traucki caused a clamour wanting more, so this week I have asked him back to give the “real story” on what goes on behind the scenes in Australia’s wine industry.  He also explains a little of how the export market works, and how investors can raise a glass to profits.
dantraucki.jpgHis Excellency Joe Natuman, Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu spoke at the United Nations just a few days ago.  Since it’s independence Vanuatu has been classified as one of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) of the world.  Only 3 have managed to progress beyond that status in the last 20 years.  Now after more than a decade of what Mr Natuman described as “unquestionable economic progress” the UN has decided to let Vanuatu “graduate.”  There will be a transition period that ends in December 2017.  Keep your eye on this.pmnuttermanaddressingun.jpgThis is an acknowledgement of the amazing things happening in Vanuatu.  I love the place, and it’s heartening to see that its economic progress is not at the expense of the laid-back local lifestyle.As an example just in recent days we have learned that the  Vanuatu government  has approved the VBTC T.V. program.  This will provide the ability to view T.V. programs from a mobile phone. huaweiphones.jpgHuawei Technologies Co Ltd is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Shanzen  Guangdong, not far from Hong Kong.  It is the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world.  The advantage that Huawei presents against any competitors is they can drop prices with any services due to the low pricing strategy that this Chinese company operates on.  This is on the back of the fact that Vanuatu has 4G mobile infrastructure already.

Back to the United Nations, the “graduation” will boost further the efforts of Vanuatu agricultural entrepenuers who are enjoying the development of a national action plan to boost production and export coconut oil, single origin organic cocoa and high quality sandalwood oil, among other “green” products.

Even one of the projects where I am proud to have been appointed as a Project Manager, “South Pacific Plantations,” samoapapayaworkshop1.jpg

is certainly benefiting from this effort.  It’s the very first commercial project to grow and export papaya from Vanuatu!

At this moment our on-the-ground manager Justin Winslett is attending a seminar in Samoa to further hone his skills in the growing of papaya in commercial quantities.  (picture left) Organic certifier Sheryl also went along to ensure the crop will successfully attain the coveted “organic” certification and thus attract better prices for the locals as well as the investors.

This is amazing enough, but it gets better still.  Read on…

UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi addressing the closing session of a recent seminar cited the example of local partnerships andbusiness linkages that UNCTAD recently helped foster between organic farmers and the tourism industry, which help these countries move up the value-chain and benefit from growing trade in services. Vanuatu, he said, can facilitate similar business linkages and promote local products and livelihoods in partnership with the nation’s hotels.

I suppose you noticed my underlining?  Yes, in my role as Project Manager, I am pleased to see that many of these projects catering for the increasing tourism trade will bring investors and “paradise lifestyle” relocators along for the ride.

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