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Issue #11
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Richard Butler - Project<br /><br /><br /> Manager

*  Weekly roundup from Richard on the Australian Real Estate Scene
*  Adelaide Beachside Real Estate with Anthony Fahey
*  Wineology expert Dan Traucki explains South Australian wine
*  Benefit from continued growth of Aussies visiting Vanuatu


Did you realise the word “auction” means different things on each side of the Pacific Ocean?  It dawned on me that  our many American listeners needed to understand how our Australian real estate auctions work.  I explain the differences, and when an auction is a good idea (and just as importantly, when it’s a bad idea).  Then on to our weekly Australian real estate roundup.Speaking of auctions, one of the outstanding successes in this area isAnthony Fahey of Ray White, South Australia.  Anthony educates us to the wonders of his waterfront real estate and the prices for quality waterfront locations in Adelaide may surprise you.
henleybch-anthonyfahey-b.jpgOf course, South Australia is synonymous with wine growing in many people’s minds, and it makes sense this week to also talk with Dan Traucki , wineology expert extraordinaire.  He reveals some of the reasons why various regions produce better vintages of different wine styles.
Dan TrauckiFor those of you thinking of visiting, investing or relocating in Vanuatu,a most interesting set of figures came across my desk this week.  Please look at this chart…
International<br /><br /><br /> Visitors to Vanuatu May 2014
Relocating: At first glance, it shows that over half of international visitors to Vanuatu in May this year came from the nearest large neighbour, Australia, which is not so surprising.  What the chart does not show, is that these numbers represent an increase of 15% in visitor numbers over the previous month, and that 70% of these arrived on ships. Now, other reports indicate that these day visitors leave ashore an average of approximately $200/day in Vanuatu.  So if you are thinking of moving to Vanuatu and setting up a business catering for tourism in some way, this may be of riveting interest to you.Investing: What about the other 30%, the ones who arrived by air?  The Vanuatu National Statistics Office reports that 80% of these were holidaymakers, and their average age in particular was 43 years.  They stay an average of 11 days in Vanuatu.  This is the demographic that likes comfort, and has money to enjoy it.  Just the sort that want to stay at a place like Pacific Haven.  That of course is frequently mentioned by me as a recommended investment, and as you know, I am project manager for it. Couldn’t resist adding the plug!  😉 Vanuatu is now “on the radar” for people seeking a relaxing and safe but interesting Pacific getaway.  It’s where James Michener wrote “South Pacific” and is the quintessential tropical paradise.   Definitely something for you to consider.  Once you’ve tasted the friendliness and welcoming atmosphere, maybe you will want to ask me to help you get set up with either an investment paid for by tourism, or a quality location on the waterfront where you can build your own getaway or retirement home.It’s only 2 1/2 hours flying time from Brisbane and 3 1/2 from Sydney.
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