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Issue #14
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“Plan B” – your future lifestyle is closer…

Richard Butler - Project<br /><br /> Manager

*  Aussie real estate roundup with Richard
*  Greg from Ray White Mordialloc
*  EscapeArtist Vanuatu
*  Vanuatu at Play – wonderful things to see and do
Hi Lance-24×7


I am particularly excited about what we have for you this week!  Great segments of the show. Read on…Greg Scherwinski from Ray White Mordialloc (Port Phillip Bay waterfront, near Melbourne) joins us with a few insights into the action in his part of Australia.  Greg claims that unlike other parts of the country, there are no bugs!  Can he be right?
modiallocandgregscherwinski.jpgWe’ve been “expecting” for a while (not the regular 9 months, but three at least, and it felt just as long).  Our baby is finally born!EscapeArtist/vanuatu is now officially available.  EscapeArtist started 19 years ago, we are told it ranks 7 on Google, and enjoys 1 million visitors a month.  I mentioned this briefly last week in case you wanted an early-bird peek, and now EscapeArtist themselves have promoted our section to their entire email list of several hundred thousand.
So this presents Vanuatu to the world of those wanting to esape from an over-busy over-crowded over-stressful nation to a peaceful Pacific tropical paradise.  When you check it out, sign up for the Expat Expert email course (no charge) and you will become an expert in things Vanuatu in just ten days.

I also talk some about the wonderful things you can do if you take a break and come over.  Here are some images to get your relaxation started…




So… when are you coming? Temporary or permanent relocation?

Please enjoy this week’s show.
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Richard Butler

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  • Projected $200 to $350 a day rental. Great income earner for the owners.
  • Bungalows based on a traditional Vanuatu style
  • Get yours now from $199,950 furnished!
  • Only seven of the 1-bedroom bungalows available
  • Absolute waterfront – beautiful Teouma Bay, only 15 min from  the French-influenced Port Vila, thriving capital of the Republic of Vanuatu.
  • Learn more:

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