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Richard Butler - Project<br /><br /><br /> Manager

*  Dave Watkins shares insights on The Shire, Sydney, Australia
*  Town Planner Ian Adams on the new rules for development in Queensland.
*  Developer Ian Adams also on beachfront diving development project, Vanuatu.

This week’s broadcast updates you on the Australian real estate market where local politicians are saying “if you where born here you won life’s draw.”  Are they correct?  Listen to this weekly update show and find out…

Dave Watkins is the Principal of Sylvania Waters Ray White real estate office in Sydney.  Dave will advise us on living the lifestyle in the suburban area known as “The Shire.”  He’s one of  the main  real estate agents  selling the  first  and only Sydney Sylvania Waters canal development where residents enjoy the Australian lifestyle second to none.
Sylvania Waters, Sydney
Sylvania Waters, Sydney

We welcome back Ian Adams, who is in Brisbane city the capital of Australia’s sunshine state of Queensland. Ian is a Town planner and Developer and regular contributor to the program. There are some new rules and regulations for development in Queensland. Ian tells us about them and what it all means.
Aerial View of Brisbane City
Aerial View of Brisbane City

Ian Adams also talks about his  new proposed beachfront diving development project in  the republic of Vanuatu on the desirable and  beautiful Espiritu Santo. The site is just 1000 metres from the world  renowned ship wreck USS President Coolidge, the number one wreck dive site in the southern hemisphere.
Palekula BAy - Ian Adams

Palekula Bay, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
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