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Richard Butler - Project<br /><br /><br /> Manager

*  Sydney, Australia, Real Estate: then (2009) & now (2014)
*  North Queensland looking out over the Coral Sea islands: breath-taking!
*  Diving off Luganville, Vanuatu: USS Coolidge and other treasures
*  Progress on new terminal project, Port Vila, Vanuatu

No less than FOUR segments in this week’s broadcast, and each one fascinating in it’s own way…

Richard Butler’s take on the value that has been added to Australian real estate since 2009.  An investor’s dream.


This ship in Sydney Harbour is preparing to make its regular run to the Republic of Vanuatu. Tourism is shaping up as a great earner for Vanuatu, and no wonder: The “Smiles” are so welcoming!

Russell Mitchell is an Australian qualified engineer with significant experience in container terminal and engineering operations in the marine industry. He’s overseeing the new terminal project in Vanuatu.


wharfprojectoldnew.jpgDiving expert and instructor Tim Ritchie tells us about his dives off Luganville, Vanuatu, showing folks the USS President Coolidge. And, there are a few other treasures Americans left behind.divingpresidentcoolidgewreck.jpg

Speaking of real estate, properties in North Queensland looking out over the Coral Sea islands are breath-taking. So says Lance.  Want proof? Here’s the view from his office, taken with his phone today. Lance is also working to help the locals in Vanuatu secure good jobs in IT.


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Richard Butler

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