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Issue #16
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“Plan B” – Decompression Lifestyle…

Richard Butler - Project<br /><br /> Manager

*  Aussie real estate “Auction Circle” with Richard
*  Randy Mitchel returns with IRA (“Super”) nuggets
*  Why land is a great investment
Hi Ornim


This week you will be impressed with the ongoing upward real estate conditions in Sydney and Melbourne and other big Australian cities.Let’s get it out there: Some of the younger people on my staff thought the subject line this week (Randy and Retirement Savings) was boring. However, nothing about living in paradise in the Republic of Vanuatu is boring! So I think you will want to know how to use your IRA (or in Australia, your Self-Directed Superannuation Fund) to reap “Plan B” benefits using investments in Vanuatu.  Actually, there are so many opportunities for young people in Vanuatu and there’s a great social life, so this IS something they “get”.Yes, the upcycle continues in the Real Estate market in Australia. The “Auction Circle” reports that from the data collected from 600+ real estate auctions, average prices of houses in Sydney are over a million.  How far over?  Listen to the show and be surprised!

Like most of us, you probably want to escape the high living costs of these big cities and want to live a more secure and relaxed lifestyle. I have a plan for you. This plan is valid for both the young and the old who want to start a new chapter in their life.

Above is not a gratuitous “relaxation picture” – it’s an actual place in Vanuatu on Espiritu Santo where you may want to set up your future.

You were promised in last week’s show that I would get Randy Mitchellback soon.  I am sure you will enjoy his further explanation of what he
randymitchell.jpglearned at the Dare 2 Escape conference in Orlando Florida, USA.

If like me you are looking ahead for a less hectic life with financial stability in a tropical paradise, you will also find what he shares fascinating.

This is a momentous week for me – as you read this I am in China at the invitation of a large Chamber of Commerce to discuss their future investments in Vanuatu.  The government of Vanuatu has responded positively to this also, and an official delegation is being set up.  Stay tuned on this one, it has the potential to affect you positively: you may be able to jump on the back of some heavy lifters and share in the benefits.

vanuatu_logo-270x90.pngIn case you missed this last week, be sure to check out the newly available www.EscapeArtist/vanuatu

Look for my article there, the one that is discussed on this week’s show: “The Top 10 Reasons Why Investing In Vanuatu Land Is A Great Idea.”

Listening to the show, you will also find out on how to get 5 times the amount of property for the same amount of investment. Start absorbing details on how to escape to this unique paradise… head over to Escape Artist Vanuatu now!!  (Or just pick up the phone or email me. Details below.)

Please enjoy this week’s show.
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  • Projected $200 to $350 a day rental. Great income earner for the owners.
  • Bungalows based on a traditional Vanuatu style
  • Get yours now from $199,950 furnished!
  • Only seven of the 1-bedroom bungalows available
  • Absolute waterfront – beautiful Teouma Bay, only 15 min from  the French-influenced Port Vila, thriving capital of the Republic of Vanuatu.
  • Learn more:

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