You’re alone when you’re by Yourself!

Short show this week Richard is preparing for a live broadcast from the first week of April so has suspended the regular format till first week of April 2015.

Even though the show is changing, that doesn’t mean Richard has stopped doing what he loves doing, and that is giving us his weekly Real Estate roundup of the Australian Real Estate Market. He talks briefly about the current situation with the Australian Real Estate Market as a whole and how the recent interest set by the Reserve Bank of Australia has skyrocketed foreign investment in Real Estate in Sydney in particular.

Richard talks about the top suburbs where the property values have gained in recent times and how the influx of migrant workers have helped the real estate market in Sydney


Population density in Sydney




25 km away from Sydney City


Later on Richard talks bout the agreement between the government of Vanuatu and the Papua new Guinea and Solomon Airlines and how this effects Vanuatu economically. Richard also informs us about the 1 bedroom bungalows offered at attractive prices at Pacific haven resort at Teouma Bay Via Port Vila, Vanuatu