Noosa couple pack for a purpose on Vanuatu holiday

Richard Butler  |  Noosa News  | June 30th, 2019

Senior Couples Roger and Mary White of Aveo Peregian Springs Country Club, Australia and The Havannah Resort (NPO) helping with Supported Pack for Schools on a Holiday trip to Vanuatu.

WHEN Roger and Mary White travelled to Vanuatu on holiday recently, they left a little space in their luggage to “pack for a purpose”.

The couple, who live at Aveo Peregian Springs Country Club, were travelling to Vanuatu on holiday and found out that The Havannah Resort, where they were staying, supported Pack for a Purpose.

This is a non-profit organisation that encourages travellers who have space in their luggage to take useful items to help the communities they are visiting.

Since 2010, more than 127,000 kilos of supplies have been taken out to meet the essential needs of people in 60 different countries.

Roger and Mary were enthusiastic to help the N-Vanuatu children and approached residents of their Country Club to help support this initiative. They had a wonderful response and took more than 40kg of items with them.

While there, they took some of the items to a local village school and the rest will go to offshore islands where the villagers have no access to obtain school supplies.

The couple said most of the villagers were subsistence farmers who do not have a cash income, so Pack for a Purpose “really helps these families put their children through school”.

The school items were presented to the children in colourful Aveo bags which can be used daily to carry their books, etc. to school. Needless to say they were delighted.

“Amazing things can be achieved by working together,” Mrs White said.