A new codeshare agreement between the national carriers of Fiji and Vanuatu. Fiji Airways and Air Vanuatu will see seven flights a week between the two island nations.

Fiji Airways and Air Vanuatu will now offer their customers code-share access on flights to and from Port Vila as well as interlining capability from each airlines gateway points, further extending their respective networks.


Fiji Airways will place its “FJ” code on Air Vanuatu services from Port Vila to Suva and Nadi. Air Vanuatu will place its “NF” code on Fiji Airways services from Nadi and Suva to Port Vila.

The agreement will allow customers to purchase flights through all the distribution channels on both airlines, providing a seamless travel experience within the South Pacific and connectivity to other popular destinations including Los Angeles and Hong Kong.
Stefan Pichler, Fiji Airways Board Director commented: “This new code-share agreement between the two airlines will ensure greater cooperation, coordination, and ultimately better opportunities for travel between Fiji and Vanuatu.

“Fiji Airways, as one of the region’s leading airlines, is always on the lookout for partnerships like these which provide benefits to all parties commercially. Further than that, it further strengthens the ties between the Melanesian neighbours. Our customers can now enjoy better access to popular Vanuatu destinations like Port Vila and Santo with the convenience of a single booking.”

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Air Vanuatu’s chief executive officer Joseph Laloyer said the two airlines had a long history of delivering exceptional service throughout the Pacific. “We share common goals – to be leaders in service delivery and to promote our national interests. For Air Vanuatu, this codeshare agreement means more opportunity for overseas holidaymakers to visit Vanuatu, with smooth connections from Asia and North America.

Codeshare passengers can travel to destinations serviced by the two airlines on a single ticket, with onward boarding passes and checked-through baggage to their final destinations (if allowed by respective airports).