As the holidays approach and the shopping season heating up, nothing seems to sizzle like the real estate market in Australia. Developer Richard Butler claims there’s really only 2 more real estate auction weeks left, and that the number of auctions and the sales prices remain robust. The median auction price in Sydney continues north of $1,000,000 AUD.

Next, Richard compares the prices of properties of the same size of Sydney, Australia with Port Vila, Vanuatu. Sydney is divided into separate sections of properties with commercial, industrial and residential areas plotted. The nearest residential area in Sydney is around 50 kilometers from the heart of the city, meaning a long drive to and from work. Whereas Port Villa is less than 5 kilometers and the price of a similarly sized lot, housing structure and labor cost to build a house and commuting time and expenses, the difference is over $150,000

Finally, we take a trip back to Adelaide, Australia to learn more about wine Dan Traucky. We had Dan a couple of times on the show and this week, he tells us what makes Australian wine unique and how nowadays it has become something of a prestige among many wine connoisseurs.