Richard Butler | Thanks to CGTN |  27.Aug.2019

One Belt One Road

For many months we have heard about the concerns of the One Belt One Road programme.  It was known originally as the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road.  I was informed in 2014 on my representative trip to China for the then deputy Prime Minister Hon. Ham Lini that this is the President of China Xi Jinping’s pet project.
This video I believe provides a certain clarity on concerns that have been raised.
A recent statement from a politician was that “China is building roads on the Pacific islands to nowhere.”  Well, with all due respect our Vanuatu development companies have Sustainable Forestry Plantations for harvesting, Organic Farms, and Eco-tourism Resort Projects at the end of those roads.   Those roads will enable these projects to provide welcome  employment for many.
I can report to you that ALL infrastructure  development in Vanuatu  is most welcomed by all who benefit from this assistance!
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Richard Butler
Project Manager