Air Vanuatu To Continue Outbound Repatriation Flights

Richard Butler | Exclusive By Daily Post VU | August 13th, 2020

Air Vanuatu yesterday announced it will continue its outbound repatriation flights this week as approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vanuatu (CAAV).

“Under the current State Of Emergency, there are no restrictions on outbound passenger flights, however, inbound repatriation flights to Vanuatu are subject to NDMO’s prior approval,” says CAAV Director Jackie Langati Trief.

Air Vanuatu will be continuing its scheduled cargo flights to Noumea as approved by NDMO.

Flight NF864 has left Port Vila on Thursday, 13th August 2020 at midday which included outbound repatriation of European nationals. These passengers met their same-day, connection on Aircalin SB800 from New Caledonia to Japan then to Europe.

New Caledonia does not currently allow any passengers, including its own citizens and permanent residents, to enter the territory unless a Government exemption is granted.

Air Vanuatu To Continue Outbound Repatriation Flights

No passenger will be allowed onboard Air Vanuatu’s return flight to Port Vila.

Australia and New Zealand have capped their inbound international arrivals; therefore, airlines can only transport a limited number of passengers. This is to ensure their own governments can better manage their quarantine logistics and facilities in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brisbane can receive a maximum of 500 passengers per week and Auckland can receive no more than 440.

“We will be working closely with the Australian and New Zealand High Commissions in Port Vila on the repatriation of their own citizens. We need to ensure that our aircraft carry sufficient cargo and passengers on each flight to cover our operating costs,” says Joseph Laloyer, Acting Chief Executive Officer.

The capacity limitations do not include passengers transiting through either country.