Richard Butler | Exclusive By MWREL | August 29th, 2020

Despite being a small South Pacific Island Nation of around 83 islands, Vanuatu is still standing tall after having tackled two of the biggest Natural calamities; one is the Cyclone Harold Category 5 and the other the COVID-19 Pandemic that has taken the whole world under it’s grip.

Vanuatu is one of the few countries free of COVID-19 to date, which is a great achievement that many developed nations were unable to accomplish.  In spite of being a small country depending upon tourism as one of it’s major sources of income, yet the country is surviving on it’s own thanks to it’s vigorous Citizenship-by-Investment programme, now more than 2 years old.

Air Vanuatu Airbus A220

In the middle of this pandemic situation, the Government of Vanuatu have announced they will go ahead with the procurement of Airbus A220 by the end of November, 2020.  These planes were ordered before the Pandemic, and it’s surely a hard time to purchase expensive items, but Vanuatu honours its promises.  This outcome is a big plus point for the expansion of Air Vanuatu and also the symbol of modernization taking place in this small island country, which might be small in area but becoming big in the tourism industry with a faster growth rate when compared with some of the developed countries throughout the world.

The nation in upcoming days after procuring it’s full fleet of Airbus A220s will be capable of competing internationally in the tourism sector and it’s on the verge of becoming a tourism hot-spot in the near future.