Richard forecasts a city of almost 5 million people could all be millionaires within 5 years. Learn which city he is talking about……

Richard Butler and Brian Thomas  discuss in depth the state of the real estate market in the booming south pacific country’s states and cities and how it will effect an increase of  investment into one of  the smallest countries  in the world: Vanuatu

One of the things that happens when the property market is booming, like it is now, is that people start building more houses.

The logic is easy enough to understand. Houses cost more, so building and selling houses delivers a better return. Builders and developers have an added incentive to bring new supply to the market.

The other thing that happens is that banks start loosening their lines of credit to builders and developers. Now that the boom is well and truly underway, and every analyst and their shih tzu is locking in rising prices as far as the eye can see, property becomes a much safer bet.