The Real Estate market has gone ballistic:

So What Do You Do?

The Real Estate market in many countries has gone ballistic and is clearly overpriced. In the cities of Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and even rural properties in some places I’ve been told, have increased to three times the previous value.  I give some startling examples in this week’s video.

Can we peer into the crystal ball?

Janet YellenHere’s one prominent person with power who is trying to bring about change that will be super-unpopular with most people outside the USA.  You can be sure there will be a scramble to adjust if this comes about.

Cryptocurrencies are trying to show the way. Precious metals are perhaps part of the answer, but even they are regulated heavily and expensive to keep physically secure.

Sounds all too complicated!

What about simply looking at a bit of fractional Real Estate?  For example purchasing into a waterfront property in the Republic of Vanuatu.

To purchase it outright is $600,000, to become a shareholder it’s $20,000. Both with a 7% contracted net return. You’re on the title. Simple and safe!

The project has high profile investors behind it. It will be marketed not only as an eco-tourism resort with built-in sustainable concepts, but also an adventure resort.  Watch the video for more details.

It’s an amazing attraction as we will have more leisure time, being able to work off our laptops anywhere in the world!


Dugong Resort Website

Bricklet Website

Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate Limited website

Dugong Resort 1-bed bungalow and Scuba Dive centre


What’s the weather like at the Pacific Haven Resort’sDugong Resort” site on magnificent Teouma Bay via Port Vila today?

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