Fractionised Property: The Future of Real Estate

Fractionised Property: the Future of Real Estate Investing

If you’re not acquiring Real Estate, you’re not prospering.

Vanuatu is up there among those leading the charge!

It’s time to get back in the water
It’s time to look offshore.
It’s time to look at waterfront property where perhaps you might have thought you were too late and missed the boat or, in this case, plane.

Here is your opportunity to learn how you can invest in waterfront real estate investment coupled with high-tech development such as blockchain management.

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Dugong Resort Website
Fractional Purchase Offer – 100% Finance Available to approved Applicants (just A$50-60 per week to own your portion of this!)
1-Bed Dugong Resort Bungalow

Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate Limited website

What’s the weather like at the Pacific Haven Resort’sDugong Resort” site on magnificent Teouma Bay via Port Vila today?

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