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017 Vanuatu P.M. Visits China | Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate

Where did this all start?

…With Richard Butler’s inaugural visit to China as a representative of Vanuatu Deputy Prime Minister Han Lini in 2014, and with the able assistance of the Worldwide Dongguan Entrepeneurs Federation.

Signing of bilateral cooperative documents in Beijing

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (back row R) and Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu Charlot Salwai (back row L) witness the signing of bilateral cooperative documents in Beijing, May 27, 2019

Beyond all the pomp and ceremony, this is what matters.

These agreements make a world of difference to the future of Vanuatu – particularly economically.

In this podast Richard Butler covers the essentials of the visit, and how investors in Vanuatu projects can ride the Chinese/Vanuatu wave to the beach of prosperity.

Mentioned in this podcast…

Phone Richard on +61 2 8007 3803 (Sydney, Australia)

Phone Lance on +678 5464 111

Pacific Haven Resort – website for a premier investment in a tourism project

South Pacific Plantations Management Ltd – Managed Papaya Farmlets high ROI investment in food production

Our thanks to GCTN for the article below and the Video Report.

Full Text: Joint Press Communique Between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Vanuatu

What’s the weather like at the Pacific Haven Resort site on magnificent Teouma Bay. via Port Vila today?

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