Is there REALLY an “Easy Button” for navigating frustrating bureaucratic waters to obtain Residency via Investment? 

In recent weeks the madness of the western world has hit new peaks.  More and more countries in turmoil.  Thinking people are wondering if there’s an Escape Hatch to an International destination where the pace is slower, safer, more peaceful. 

Many are looking into protecting themselves and their family by investing in and establishing a backup residency in another country. 

However, searchers quickly discover that in any country there is an absolute maze of lengthy and confusing paperwork to go through, and when it’s an unfamiliar environment (that is, another country) it’s even worse.

If you are daunted by this prospect, worry no more!  A new product has been created that takes all the hassle out of selecting a path – and following it through the maze of bureaucracy – that leads to having a Residency Permit based on a passive-income-producing investment in a different country… It’s no surprise that we are talking about the South Pacific paradise island nation of Vanuatu.

Listen in as Richard and Lance explain and release this Done-For-You product.  There’s also a brand new website that gives up the secret of how you can escape the bewildering mess of issues facing the western world, with the “Easy Button.”  And it’s surprisingly affordable too! 

Peaceful Port Vila Harbour, Vanuatu
Yes, people really do wake up to this view only ten minutes from the city centre.

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