…and an endless summer destination for the wealthy?

This week I received a very interesting paper posing this very question:  “Could Vanuatu be the next financial centre for the world?   And the answer is yes!  I do believe that that is a possibility.

This week’s podcast is given over to a discussion of the reasoning behind this conclusion.  Will you agree?  Or Not?  You will no doubt find some nuggets you didn’t expect as you listen along this week, perhaps even completely changing your views.

Here are some hints…

My son Daniel and his partner Amy just sent this from Quebec. Brrr!
Daniel and Amy in Quebec... Brrr!

Hmm.. And contrast that with Port Vila harbour, Vanuatu…
Retired Couple enjoying Port Vila Harbour

So, having got the climate question out of the way, what about this “Offshore Financial Centre” thing?

Another hint: The people on these yachts in Port Vila horbour, Vanuatu, are no doubt enjoying 4G wireless internet connection, only 49 milliseconds from their loved ones back home. This is FAR from common in the South Pacific.
Yachts in Port Vila Harbour, Vanuatu

Maybe you are starting to get my drift. But listen to the podcast to get the full story…

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